Quick Answer: What part of the Philippines was hit by the four tropical cyclones?

Which part of the Philippines was hit by the four tropical cyclones Agaton?

Bolaven, known in the Philippines as Tropical Depression Agaton, was the third system to impact the Visayas and Mindanao since December 2017, after tropical storms Kai-tak (Urduja) and Tembin (Vinta).

Which areas are hit by the tropical cyclones?

Traditionally, tropical cyclones form in seven basins. These include the north Atlantic Ocean, the eastern and western parts of the northern Pacific Ocean, the southwestern Pacific, the southwestern and southeastern Indian Oceans, and the northern Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal).

What are the 4 tropical cyclone?

These classifications are Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm, Typhoon, and Super Typhoon.

Why is the Philippines prone to tropical cyclones or storms?

The Philippines is prone to tropical cyclones due to its geographical location which generally produce heavy rains and flooding of large areas and also strong winds which result in heavy casualties to human life and destructions to crops and properties.

Where did the typhoon hit in the Philippines?

Typhoon Chanthu slammed into the northern Philippines on Saturday, forcing hundreds to flee their homes amid heavy rains and strong winds, officials said. Chanthu was packing maximum sustained winds of 205km/h as it made landfall over Batanes province, 678km north of Manila, the weather bureau said.

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Where did Agaton form on land or in the ocean?

Tropical Storm Tapah (Agaton)

The first storm of the season was Tropical Storm Tapah, which formed on January 9 near Palau. It developed from the monsoon trough and was first observed by the JTWC two days before its formation.

In what direction did typhoon Agaton 2002 move on the picture above?

It maintained its speed, moving west at 25 kph, PAGASA said. PAGASA said tropical storm warning signal no. 1 was up over the following areas: Palawan including Cuyo Island.

What countries are affected by cyclones?

Those that form in the Indian Ocean can affect India, Bangladesh, north-west Australia, some parts of east Africa and Indian Ocean islands such as Mauritius and Madagascar. In the northern hemisphere most tropical cyclones occur between June and November with a peak in September.

Where are cyclones located?

Called hurricanes when they develop over the North Atlantic, central North Pacific, and eastern North Pacific, these rotating storms are known as cyclones when they form over the South Pacific and Indian Ocean, and typhoons when they develop in the Northwest Pacific.