What do we do in Khmer New Year?

What do Khmer New Year eat?

Street food is an important part of Cambodian culture and Khmer New Year is the ideal time for foreigners to sample traditional dishes such as Lort Cha fried egg noodles, Num Pang Cambodian sandwich, and snails. The typical food eaten at New Year is kralan, a cake made from sticky rice, beans, and coconut milk.

What do Khmer people do?

The Khmer are a predominantly agricultural people, subsisting on rice and fish and living in villages of several hundred persons. Other economic pursuits include weaving, pottery making, and metalworking.

What is Chol Chhoung?

Chol Chhoung (ចោល⁣ឈូង, Chaôl Chhung) is a game played especially on the first nightfall of the Khmer New Year by two groups of boys and girls. Ten or 20 people comprise each group, standing in two rows opposite each other. One group throws the chhoung to the other group.

What do Cambodian people do for fun?

Entertainment and nightlife

While many visitors to Cambodia go to see the traditional Apsara dance, younger Cambodians have fun in karaoke and new clubs and discos or hang out with friends while they listen to music, drink beer and play football or volleyball which are the most popular sports among the Cambodia people.

What is the Cambodian lifestyle?

Most of Cambodians live in the village and their lives are strong attached with the village from birth to death. All major events like birth, marriage, and death occur within the villages. As a result, they are quite shy but very warm and friendly. Families in Cambodia tend to be extended family.

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What are Cambodia’s values?

PHNOM PENH –In a nearly forgotten time, Cambodian Society valued a person on the basis of four crucial elements: honesty, wisdom, patriotism, and wealth. With the arrival of the 21st century, wealth has become the first priority on the Cambodian society’s scale of value.