What does Hoi mean in Vietnamese?

What is the meaning of Hoi?

(hoi′ pə-loi′) The common people; the masses. [Greek, the many : hoi, nominative pl.

What does FU mean in Vietnamese?

Meaning. Fu (府) means an office or a command institution.

What is La La La in Vietnamese?

Translation of «lalalala» in English language:

I don’t know.

What does Hoi mean in Chinese?

Hoi is a Chinese surname that can be spelled in 2 different ways in Chinese: 许 / 許 [Xu / Hoi] Meaning: to allow, to permit, to promise, to praise, somewhat, perhaps.

Who says Hoi?

Hoi, And 16 Other Ways To Say Hello In Dutch.

Is Fu a word?

No, fu is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is Di Di Mau?

From Vietnamese đi đi mau (“go quickly”). Borrowed into English by American military personnel returning from the Vietnam War, as well as by Vietnamese immigrants; popularized by the movie The Deer Hunter.

How do you spell Ohlala?

Essentially, oh là là is the equivalent of “Oh my God” or “Wow” in English. It’s an exclamation or interjection that can have a number of different meanings, depending entirely on the context.

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