What is the ICAO designator of Philippine Airlines?

What airline uses callsign bluestreak?

PSA Airlines

Destinations 91
Parent company American Airlines Group
Headquarters Vandalia, Ohio
Key people Dion Flannery (President)

How do I read ICAO codes?

ICAO code consists of 4 letters. Certain classifications among countries and regions are used in creating these codes. The first letter stands for the region in which the airport is located, the second is for the country. The other two letters are generally given in order.

Where are ICAO codes used?

The ICAO codes are designated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and are used by aviation “professionals” of the aeronautical transport sector (controllers, pilots, etc.), but in general they are not as well known to passengers.

What is the difference between FAA and ICAO?

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the governing body of civil aviation. … The ICAO is a specialized United Nations agency which was established in 1944 to coordinate and reach global consensus on international civil aviation standards and recommended practices (SARPs).

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