What is the oldest bus company in the Philippines?

What is the biggest bus company in the Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines — Leo Rey Yanson, the youngest son of Yanson matriarch Olivia Yanson, has regained full control of the Bacolod City-based Yanson Group of Bus Companies, the largest transport fleet in the country.

Which is the biggest bus company?

The fifteen companies with turnover of more than £100m

No Company Name Turnover (£m)
1 London General Transport Services Limited (GAG) 498.00
2 Metroline Travel Limited 275.31
3 West Midlands Travel Limited (NEG) 270.00
4 Arriva London North Limited 260.45

What is the history of transportation in the Philippines?

As early as 1910, there were already few motor vehicles seen operating in public highways in Manila and suburbs. Better means of transportation were invented and introduced in the country. Gradually,the Filipinos learned to use cars, trucks, jeeps and other types of vehicles.

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