What is the slogan of Philippine Daily Inquirer?

What is the purpose of Philippine Daily Inquirer?

As the country’s number 1 newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer will remain steadfast in its commitment to bring “Balanced news, fearless views” to readers when and where it matters. Empowering the Filipino people. We are a multi-media organization passionately telling the Filipino story.

Who owns Philippine Daily Inquirer?

Inquirer Group of Companies

Type Private
Key people Marixi Rufino-Prieto (chairperson)
Services Print publication, Digital media, Broadcasting
Owner Pinnacle Printers Corporation (68.9%) Excel Pacific Holding Corporation (25%) Mercedes Rufino-Prieto (6.1%)
Website inquirer.com.ph

What is Manila Bulletin news?

The Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, a publicly held corporation in the Philippines which publishes in print and online a daily broadsheet, tabloid-sized newspapers and various magazines in English, Filipino and the vernaculars…

Who is the owner of Manila Times?

What is INQUIRER Net purpose?

INQUIRER.net is the official news website of the INQUIRER Group of Companies (IGC). The website also highlights compelling commentaries on Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Business, and Technology, as well as stories around the world relevant to all Filipinos overseas. …

What is the meaning of INQUIRER?

noun. a person who asks a question or seeks to learn about something, often someone whose character it is to do so:The answer to any question is available within a second or two on the Internet, but it’s up to the inquirer to evaluate the validity of the answer.

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What type of web is INQUIRER?

INQUIRER.net, the Philippine Daily Inquirer online, is a pioneer in digital publishing, and the news website with the largest Filipino online audience worldwide at 65-million page views per month from 6.8 million unique visitors.

Who is the owner of rappler?