What is transmigration policy and what is the main aim of this policy in Indonesia?

What was Indonesia’s transmigration policy and when did it start?

In 1905 the first government-sponsored migration scheme was initiated by the Dutch colonial government which termed it a “colonization” program. After independence the government of Indonesia developed its own “colonization program” but called it “transmigration.”

What is meant by transmigration?

: to cause to go from one state of existence or place to another. intransitive verb. 1 of the soul : to pass at death from one body or being to another. 2 : migrate.

What is transmigration AP Human Geography?

Transmigration. movement that consists of one person migrating from one place to another.

What is the difference between transmigration and reincarnation?

DarkShadowBlaze Transmigration is if a soul from another world goes and enters the body of an already existing individual from the world he is transferred to. Reincarnation is when one dies, and is reborn anew from birth onward.

What is the other term for transmigration?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for transmigration, like: metempsychosis, exodus, trek, pilgrimage, movement, rebirth, avatar, emigration, reincarnation, immigration and migration.

What was the Dutch culture system?

Culture System, also called Cultivation System, Dutch Cultuurstelsel, revenue system in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) that forced farmers to pay revenue to the treasury of the Netherlands in the form of export crops or compulsory labour. … In case of crop failure, the people were left responsible for the loss.

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