Where do the majority of people live in Singapore?

Where do most Singaporeans stay?

Some 57 per cent of them were concentrated in ten planning areas. Bedok was the registered place of address for the largest group of around 292,000 Singapore residents in 2009 (Chart 1). Jurong West was next largest, followed by Tampines, Woodlands and Hougang.

What type of population does Singapore have?

As of 2020, Singapore’s population was around 5.69 million. Singapore society is categorized into four main ethnic groups, according to the CMIO rubric:Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Others. In the “Other” category are ethnic groups such as the Eurasians, who are a people of mixed European and Asian ancestry.

Which town is the biggest in Singapore?

Bedok is the most populated area in the East with a population of 693,500 and a land area of 93.1km square.

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